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First Year Applicants

Next Steps: Apply for Financial Aid

By January 6, 2011No Comments

Happy New Year!  So you’ve completed your college applications, or almost completed them, and you may be wondering…What next?  Besides waiting by your mailbox, take this time to start applying for Financial Aid.  College can be a huge financial decision and major investment and the Financial Aid process is here to help.

USC is committed to helping students finance their undergraduate education through need-based financial assistance, merit scholarships, and affordable financing programs.  We will meet the full USC-determined financial need of admitted undergraduate students who satisfy all federal, state and university eligibility requirements.  You will want to apply as early as possible to ensure you receive notification of your financial aid eligibility before the May 1 National Candidates’ Reply Date to make the most informed college decision.

There are multiple components to the Financial Aid process at USC.  You will want to be sure to submit the following applications and documents by the suggested dates below:

February 2:

  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • CSS Profile Application

March 2:

  • Submit Student and Parent Tax returns or Non-Filing Statement
  • Cal Grant (California Residents)

The Financial Aid Applications are available now online at  If you have any questions or special circumstances you can contact us at (213) 740-4530 or the Financial Aid Office at (213) 740-1111.

Rebecca Beiter