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FAQ (Transfer)Transfer Applicants

Recommended Courses for Transfer Applicants

By January 5, 2011No Comments

Preparing to transfer to the USC Viterbi School of Engineering is probably easier than you think.  We recommend that you have the following courses complete or in progress when you apply to transfer:

  • Calculus II
  • Two Semesters of a Lab-Based Science (such as Calculus-Based Physics, Chemistry or Biology)
  • USC’s Writing Requirement
  • 30 semester units

There is no minimum GPA to apply, however, admission is competitive. You should be doing well overall and demonstrate strengths in your math, science and engineering related courses.

If you attend a California Community College you can use the Transfer Planning Guide (TPG) to identify which courses will transfer from your CC to USC for transfer credit. TPGs are available for a handful of four-year institutions, typically some the UCs and CSUs.

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