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Transfer Applicants – Answers to Your Application FAQs

By January 25, 2012September 9th, 2013One Comment

Our phones are ringing off the hook.

Our email is flooded.

This can only mean that the transfer application deadline is around the corner! To meet the transfer application deadline you need to submit the Common Application & USC Supplement by February 1st.   To help you complete your application I’ve summarized your questions and given you our answers!

I submitted the Common Application & USC Supplement but my transcripts won’t get to USC until after February 1st.  Is this ok?

Yes!  To meet the application deadline you simply need to submit the Common Application & USC Supplement by the February 1st.  Supporting documents, such as official transcripts, can be submitted after the application deadline.

That said USC cannot review your application until it’s complete so please get us all supporting documents as soon as possible.

Is it one paragraph for both Engineering Short Answers – or two?  Plus, why is there so much space?  Am I supposed to fill that space… its like 2.5 pages

As you can see, these questions are aiming to get to know you a bit better and hopefully learn a little about your personality.  Please answer with one paragraph (a few sentences) per question.  No need to fill the space, we just wanted to make sure you had enough room!

I submitted my application  and did not list Engineering as my first choice major… But I really am considering engineering – can I change it?

YES – we just need an email stating what you listed as your first choice major, and what you would like it changed to.  Please be sure to include your full name and USCID.

Do I need to submit the school forms listed in the Common Application?

No. Isn’t that a relief? Less paperwork to worry about! You can check out my recent post about school forms here.

Do I need to complete the “academics” section in the Common Application?

No. Please see my past post about the academics section.

Are transfer applicants required to submit a letter of recommendation?

No letters of recommendation are required for applicants for fall 2013 admission.

But I really, really want to send in a letter of recommendation. Can I send one in anyway?

Sure.  Again, letters of recommendation are not required.  If you’re one of the applicants that “really, really” wants to submit a letter check out this post.

What documents must I submit to complete my application to USC?

After submitting the Common App and USC Supplement you need to complete your application to USC by submitting the documents listed in our transfer application checklist.

Where should I send my transcripts?

If you are mailing your official transcripts please send them to:

USC Office of Admission (UG)
Univ. Park Campus
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0911

Do I have to send my official transcripts to the USC Office of Admission and to the USC Viterbi School Office of Admission?

No.  When you send documents to USC they are uploaded into your file – and all admission offices can view your file/the documents you sent to USC. No need to send duplicates.

I really hope this helps clarify the application process! Good luck wrapping up your application!

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