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GuyGirlStudying_newIf you have been admitted to USC for the Spring 2015 Semester – congratulations! We sincerely hope you will consider joining us here at USC!

As an engineer, in order to stay on track with the your graduating class you should enroll in a community college or other university for the Fall 2014 semester.

Selecting Your Fall 2014 Courses

Please review the information below  to assist you in selecting classes that are likely to transfer to and keep you on track:

  1. MATH
    Take the equivalent to the USC Course of MATH 125, 126, or 226* (Calculus I, II, or III).
    * Computer Science (Games) & Computer Science/Business Majors should take MATH 225 (Linear Algebra) Note: AP and IB Scores can help you place in certain levels at your chosen college for the fall.  As a general guideline, Calc AB with a score of 4 or 5 should enroll in the Calc II equivalent.  Calc BC with a score of 5 should enroll in Calc III equivalent. Calc BC with a score of 4, enroll in Calc II equivalent.
    Take the equivalent to the USC Course of CHEM 105a (General Chem. I). Computer Science Games Majors should take C++ Programming instead of Chemistry. Note: AP Chemistry with a score of 4 or 5 satisfies the CHEM 105a course.
    Choose equivalent courses that meet USC’s GE Requirements for Categories I, II, or V. Note:  AP & IB Scores  can help you satisfy some of USC’s General Education Categories.
    Take an additional G.E. course from another category listed above.Computer Science (all emphases) and Industrial & Systems Engr. majors should consider enrolling in a Computer Programming Course (C++)
Be sure to check out our AP & IB Credit Sheet

The above courses will help you move forward toward your engineering degree and keep you on track for graduation with your class. In order to find equivalent courses at whichever college or university you will attend this fall, be sure to check out the USC Articulation Histories database.

If you want to be on track for engineering it is important to follow the above instructions. The Articulation Office has put up a website and page for Spring Admits.  It is important to note that the course recommendations for engineers (listed above) are different from those listed on the USC articulation website.   Again, if you plan to study engineering at USC, be sure to follow our course recommendations above, not the others as they may put you behind in your coursework and sequences.

While you may not know your plans for the fall just yet, please know we want to help you with this process.  We understand you likely have questions and the recommendations above may not easily apply to your individual set of circumstances.

Beginning in June, students admitted to Spring 2015 may schedule advising appointments (over the phone, or in-person) with a counselor to finalize your course plans.  Contact us directly at (213) 740-4530 or via email at in June to schedule your appointment.

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