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TCCOnce you have have submitted your intent to enroll, your next step is to sign up for New Student Orientation.  At orientation you will meet with your academic advisor and identify which courses you need to take this fall.  Then, you’ll register for those courses, with your advisor (and a lot of other friendly staff) by your side.

While we understand you have registered for classes at a college before, this will be a different experience.  We want to work with you individually and make sure you get started at USC in the Viterbi School on the right foot.  Every transfer student is different, and we will need to discuss your individual plan very carefully.

We expect all students to participate in New Student Orientation.  You can register for Orientation by following these Steps to RSVP.  If you are unable to attend one of the scheduled sessions, be sure to register for a “Materials Request” so that we may work with you remotely on your course registration.  All  remote advisement appointments will occur after the orientation sessions.

On a related note, we know that many students worry that the courses they need to graduate will be full or unavailable.  At USC you will get the classes you need to graduate on time.   We monitor the courses to be sure there are enough spaces for you in the courses you will need to take next semester.

See you at orientation!

Viterbi Admission