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As engineers, we know you’re extremely analytical. You want to choose the best major for your future. Maybe you’re looking into breadth of post-graduation opportunities, or you’re calculating how much money you’ll make in industry, or you’re investigating research topics. Long story short – you’re considering a lot (as you should be), and we’re here to help.

Explore all 30+ major options below, and you will see that each major is laid out with four years, and no summers, of classes.  You will jump right into your engineering curriculum, but with flexibility.  Your first year you’ll take 3-4 engineering classes, including a specific intro course to your major and a broad coarse called Freshman Academy, where you will explore the big ideas in engineering.  If after your first classes you decide you want to be a different kind of engineer, changing majors just requires a meeting with an adviser and your signature.  If you’re admitted to one of our engineering programs, you are admitted to all of them.  No major is easier or more difficult to get into than any other, and none of the programs are impacted.  Also, Viterbi has the same admission rate as USC, so applying as an engineer gives you no disadvantage.  We want to provide you with all the tools and flexibility you need to succeed as an engineer.

Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering

Design For Movement

Astronautical Engineering

Build for Beyond

Biomedical Engineering

Help Others Live Better

Chemical Engineering

Make the Stuff of Tomorrow

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Design. Build. Improve.

Computer Science & Engineering

It’s Way More Than Coding

Electrical Engineering

Power Up

Industrial & Systems Engineering

Engineer Better Businesses

Undeclared Engineering

It’s Okay If You’re Still Not Sure

Listen while you explore!

Viterbi Voices: The Podcast

Did you know we have a podcast? Check out Viterbi Voices to listen to podcasts all about our different majors and disciplines! Whether it’s Dr. Soibelman discussing the Civil and Environmental Engineering department’s unique approach to research or Dr. Spedding explaining the difference between Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, this playlist was made for you.

Viterbi Voices: The Podcast is your chance to hear stories about research, classes, student life, and more directly from our faculty, students, and other members of our engineering community. Click the link below to see the rest of our episodes!