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Listen in on the newest podcast as our VSAs discuss coming back to campus and starting off the Fall semester!

This is it! The much-awaited return to campus! SC Students flocked back to Los Angeles to come together on our beautiful campus for the first time since March of 2020. With Covid precautions and resources in full effect, in-person activities, events, and classes are jumping back into swing and students are excited to take up all their involvements and undertakings once again! While the fun and spirited energy is palpable, there’s also a real eagerness to get back to learning and in the studious mindset, especially here at Viterbi.

In this episode, Steven and Natalie talk about the return of students to USC campus. Some highlights include talking about USC football/gameday, the opening of the Baum Family Maker Space, and some student perspectives on welcome week and their freshmen experience.

Viterbi Voices