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The Common App is live!

Watch this quick video to make sure you add USC to your list of schools and be sure you are considered for the Viterbi School of Engineering when you apply.


The Common App can be a little confusing sometimes, and that is why we put together this short video for students interested in transferring to USC Viterbi. We’ll cover how to add USC as a school, how to pick your major, where to find the USC writing sections, and more! The transfer application is not due until February 15, 2022! For all intents and purposes it is likely best to not complete the application until you have completed the fall term at your current college.


If you’re a high school student, check out our other video here.

How to Apply for Transfer Admission:

Stacey Badger

Stacey was born and raised in southern California. She wanted to stay local for college, so she decided to attend USC. She worked as a college adviser at a local high school for two years, and strongly believes in college access for all students. At Viterbi, Stacey counsels high school students and transfer students in the admission process.


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