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“Being a woman entering a male dominated field was one of my top concerns when choosing a college to attend, and, looking back at my past three years, I couldn’t be happier.”

-Christina Najm, Class of 2021

In this year’s incoming class of 2021, we repeated our historic milestone, first achieved in 2019: gender parity. 50% women; 50% men. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished at USC Viterbi, with tons of awesome female faculty, staff, and students. If you’re interested in seeing what the women of USC Viterbi are up to, and what their experiences have been like, this live chat is for you.

Women in Engineering

September 19th, 2021

Hear about our experiences as women in engineering at USC Viterbi, the various organizations that support female engineering students, as well as the different professional and social opportunities we’ve had throughout our time at USC!

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This event is part of an ongoing series of student-led live chats for 2022 applicants.  Every other Sunday our students get a new group of student panelists at 7:00PM (PT) to discuss a variety of topics.  Topics range from cultural identity to research to social life.  Check out the complete schedule below to register for your favorite topics and catch up on recordings of past events.

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