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Hello and welcome to my first blog of Fall 2022! It’s an exciting time to be on campus. The weather is beautiful, everyone is happy to be back, and our football team is off to a great start to the season!


Although the beginning of the semester is exciting, it can also get busy. For my first two years at USC, the fall was when I overinvolved myself — I joined new clubs, I took on leadership roles, and I tried to get perfect grades. This semester has been different from the past… in a good way. 


I’ve been intentional about taking time for myself and things I love. I’ve enrolled in fewer units, cut down my extracurricular commitments, and I’ve been trying new things! Don’t get me wrong, I’m still very involved in the Viterbi Voices podcast, Viterbi Conversations in Ethics podcast, and this (Viterbi Student Ambassadors), but I’ve prioritized non-engineering or school related activities as well. 


In the last live chat I was a part of, a student asked what engineers had time for fun. My answer is yes – without a doubt! What I’ve done this semester can also help answer this question: I have… 

  • Enrolled in the advanced ballroom dance class
  • Started to learn tennis 
  • Went hiking in Malibu
  • Tried some new restaurants
  • Went to USC tailgates and the first football game
  • Discovered Trader Joe’s chocolate lava cakes
  • Explored the LA Flower Market with friends
  • Made some Tik Toks
    • I linked my most recent to this post. Go stalk @ViterbiStudent for more content!


It’s incredibly fun to have the opportunity to do such a broad range of things outside of engineering. Stay tuned for more of my adventures this semester!


Fight on!


If only you all knew how much swag I have in my closet after 2 years of being a student 😮‍💨❤️✌🏼#viterbistudent #viterbi #collegeadmission #usc #fighton

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