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Some people like to explore a city through the sites, others through the shopping, however, I prefer to explore a city through its food. I have been residing in Los Angeles to attend school at USC for just over a year, and these are some of my favorite food spots that I have discovered during my time here.



Chicken and WafflesLocated just a 10-minute bus ride from the village in downtown Los Angeles, Fixin’s is a soul food spot suitable for every meal of the day. In the morning, one could order shrimp and grits, in the afternoon, chicken and waffles, and in the evening, oxtails with rice. They also offer in-house-made kool-aid for the full soul food experience. As a girl who grew up in the south, I can affirm that the food here tastes like home.


In & Out

In-N-Out BurgerAs an LA fast food classic, In and Out is a must-try burger-joint. They offer single and “double-double” patties, suitable for all appetites. Be sure to get your burger “animal style,” which includes fried onions and the “secret” crazy sauce. The burger is pretty good, especially considering the low price! Pair your burger with a chocolate shake, those are very tasty as well but do not waste your money on the fries.


BCD Tofu House

BCD is a 24hr tofu house most known for their “soondubu” or soft tofu stew. A raw egg is served with the stew to crack in as soon as it is served, a traditional Korean practice. Since the stew is served to boil, the egg poaches itself in the dish. For my seafood lovers, BCD offers a “seafood soon,” pictured here, that comes with mussels and shrimp.



Seoul Pho 

A hidden gem located in the heart of Koreatown, Seoul Pho is a
Vietnamese-style pho restaurant that offers a select variety of pho for all palates.  I tried the spicy pho and thought that it was delicious. The spice was manageable, but be sure to keep a glass of water handy. They also offer garlic, classic (not spicy), and Seoul-style pho. Beyond the great taste, Seoul Pho is in a breathtaking location; at the right time, you can catch a lovely view of the sunset over the Hollywood sign.

Honorable Mentions:

Harold & Belles

Jacks N Joe

South LA Cafe

Viterbi Voices