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When I first came to USC, I was very indecisive. Viterbi provides so many different majors, how could I possibly choose?


When it comes down to finally deciding, you have to think about what you’d want to do long term with that major. Do you want to go into cosmetics? Do you find rockets and airplanes cool? Or do you want to go into the oil industry? Can’t decide? Well, no worries because changing majors is a simple and a straightforward process!


For me, it came down to either civil or chemical engineering. Originally, I applied to USC as a chemical engineering major, but then an email was sent out upon acceptance about what major I’d like to declare, so I switched to civil. It is quite common to not know what major you want to pursue, and I heard USC’s ability to switch majors within Viterbi was easy and not a pile of paperwork.


In my freshman year after taking a civil engineering class, I changed my major back to chemical engineering. I wanted to switch because looking long-term, I did not see myself working at a firm or working for a city, and what I wanted to do was go into the skin care industry.


It was a simple process to switch, a one page form that asked for your name, your student ID, your desired major, and your signature. Easy as that, your major within Viterbi would be changed upon approval by the school.


In addition, if you don’t know what type of engineering you want to pursue, there’s an undeclared engineering option that allows you to gain insight into various fields, and academic advisors will advise you on what major they see best. Overall, changing majors within Viterbi is quite simple which is a factor I considered before attending USC.

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