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Today marks the start of this year’s Trojan Family Weekend, one of my absolute favorite weekends in the Fall semester! This is an event USC holds where parents, grandparents, siblings, and any other family members that care to join are invited to come visit USC and get involved with tons of fun events and activities throughout Thursday to Sunday. Some of these activities include, a campus tour (if the fam hasn’t already been on one), meeting with campus safety, the band, and others, as well as more family bonding activities. Viterbi, specifically, allows family to go on tours of the Baum Family Maker Space, learn about research opportunities and projects that students are involved in, and meet our wonderful dean.

Last year my family came and visited me for the weekend and we had a blast engaging with all the cool activists on campus. Some of our favorites were the stuffed animal making activity, the fun run, and (of course) the football game. There is so many fun tailgates and pregame rituals for families to get involved in on gameday and USC hosts a Trojan Family Tailgate at Alumni Park right before the game where they serve great food and give away a ton of USC merch. The campus definitely comes alive when family members from all over come to visit their students and get a glimpse of what USC is all about.

Kaleigh Ray

MAJOR: Astronautical Engineering YEAR: Class of 2025 HOMETOWN: Bakersfield, California PRONOUNS: she/her/hers INSTA: @k.rayray03 Short Bio - I have been involved in research at the Space Engineering Research Center (SERC) as well as a member of USC’s Rocket Propulsion Lab. At SERC, I worked on developing a docking system for cubesats with project CLING and am currently work on project MAVERIC, designing the power system of a 3U cubesat. In RPL, I am on the composites team and design team. Outside of Viterbi, I have interned at Astrolab where I was a Structures and Mechanisms Engineering intern and helped with lunar mission development and payload prototyping. I also like doing intramurals and photography on my free time!