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For the start of the new semester, I wanted to write a different type of blog about one of my initial favorite parts of USC.


I first toured USC as a junior in high school, blown away by the sunny weather and beautiful campus. My tour guide mentioned all sorts of traditions and little things that made USC special, but I remember fixating on the graduation stoles/sashes. 


When USC students graduate, they get bright red stoles that they embroider with their accomplishments and involvements. I spent at least an hour on Instagram after my tour, looking through USC graduation pictures and envisioning my own stole. Here we are a few years later! Two more years and I will (hopefully) have one of my own!


I still love the look and energy of USC graduates. Last year I started taking photos for graduates, and I wanted to share some of the pictures I took to give you a sense of USC graduation spirit!

Timothy Harrington