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I didn’t know what to expect for housing going into my senior year. With an entire year off from Covid, planning a place to live was much more challenging than usual, so when a friend reached out to me to room with them I took it. It ended up being a group of nine other guys only three of which I’d even met before. Even as a senior I was still about to end up with a few completely random housemates. It’s ended up being one of the best parts about my final year. 

A line that’s thrown a round maybe a bit too often is that you make your friends for life in college. In my opinion, it puts too much pressure on the beginning of college with people striving to make relationships work that may not be worth the effort. College is amazing because you’re constantly surrounded by new people, some of whom have the same interests and values as you. At USC, you’re never going to be able to meet everyone, but you’ll also always be able to find new and amazing people at every turn.

From playing catch in the kitchen for over an hour to having heated group discussions about the best romantic comedies, I couldn’t be more thankful that my housing process was made harder by Covid because the people I’ve met because of it have made what could’ve been a very challenging situation incredibly fun. To give some unsolicited advice, I’ve found in undergraduate it’s more important to spend time enjoying the relationships you have now than worrying about where they might go in the future. College is unlike any other part of life in terms of the lifestyle and people around you. Enjoy it.

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