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We’re finishing up week 3 of classes and week 1 of in-person classes, and it’s already getting to that time in the semester when I start reminiscing about winter break and doing absolutely nothing. It’s the eternal paradox of being a college student—when I was on break, I was reminiscing about being on-campus and having so many things to occupy my time.

Like every year, winter break passed by too quickly yet simultaneously too slowly. I somehow managed to do nothing and many things at the same time. But that’s the beauty of not having class work carry over from one semester to the other: winter break is winter BREAK.

The highlight of my break was definitely sleeping at least 10 hours every single day. A close second would be finally picking up a quarantine hobby: wire jewelry making! I randomly decided to hit up Michaels, grabbed some wire and pliers, and watched people on YouTube make everything look easy. The result was me floundering a couple times before finally making some semi-decent pairs of earrings (about 50% of people I asked could tell what they were).

I also loved being able to spend time with my family! Whether it was our annual tradition of visiting Union Square to see the Christmas tree, driving 3 hours to Yosemite to eat cheesecake and play in the snow, or just staying at home and watching a movie, it was so nice to have so much time with them.

And of course, I finally got to see my high school friends for the first time since summer!

Whether it’s paying off sleep debt, picking up a hobby, or doing fun things with the people I love, winter break is such a nice change of pace. Fast forward to spring break and hopefully 100% of people will be able to tell what my jewelry attempts are meant to be…

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