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The Summer of 2023 for me will be remembered as a great success. This three month holiday was an oasis infused with friends, family, and fantastic outings. Allow me to bring you along for the highlights of my summer session in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

After finishing my finals I flew home to the great Keystone State, and I proudly attended my little brother’s 8th grade graduation and rejoined my good friends for a camping trip in the Poconos.

In between my breaks from my month long Differential Equations Math Class, I visited some East Coast Trojans in New Jersey (and I also stopped by Tony Soprano’s house) and ventured into the Big Apple with my friends from home and went to museums such as the Natural History Museum and the Modern Museum of Art in Manhattan.

My friends and I made a trip up the coast to Cape Cod to visit a friend from home who was interning there for the summer. We drove and explored up and down the Cape, played lots of Spikeball, and had some fine dining dinners. I also started to get into golf this summer and I played a few times and nuked balls at the driving range quite a bit.

As I got ready to head back to the Golden Coast, I savored my time at home in the Lackawanna Valley with many scenic bike rides, runs, and lake swims.

The summer was a rejuvenating retreat, and the semester ahead is set to be a sensation— from seeing my friends from last year, an electric football season urgently approaching, to meeting new people and embarking on new experiences in both school and Los Angeles there is no shortage of excitement for what is to come.

Mitchell Kirby

MAJOR: Civil Engineering YEAR: Class of 2026 HOMETOWN: Scranton, Pennsylvania I am currently involved in Viterbi Makers as a Project Manager where I create a project idea for my team and I to assemble and build throughout the year for our project showcase to our sponsors in the spring to promote innovation in electronics.