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Choosing a college to attend for the next 4 years is hard. It’s hard to feel confident in your decision when you don’t know how you’ll acclimate, respond, or enjoy the school you commit to – something I felt incredibly scared about. But after choosing USC, I can confidently say that I made the right choice.

The Campus

First and foremost, look at the campus. To this day, I have these existential moments where I fully process how lucky I am to go to a collegiate, brick, green, and FLAT school in the middle of Los Angeles. Our weekly Farmers’ Market, random puppy pens, and endless study spots make it even better.

The Classes

Viterbi advocates for a curriculum that mixes theory and hands-on learning. As a CSBA major, I can attest to this. My classes have been incredibly fun thanks to the projects we work on, like building a mini Amazon and simulating Ticketmaster transactions. But I’ve also been able to learn the theory behind the data structures we use today, how x86-64 CPUs communicate with the operating systems then run on, and how to solve complex optimization problems. I am, without a doubt, prepared to pursue any career related to Computer Science thanks to the challenging but incredibly informative Viterbi curriculum.

The Opportunities

As a sophomore undergraduate student, I am receiving funding to pursue research among prestigious and celebrated faculty in labs that are resonate with my values, interests, and future goals. This is rare, and something USC not only provides students, but pushes them to pursue. Mixed with the Trojan Network and incredible students willing to support you during recruitment, you’ll be sure to get offers and opportunities that you wish to receive as long as you work diligently.

Kory Arfania