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When I was applying college, I knew of three main career paths: doctor, lawyer, and trade schools. 

I did not know what I wanted to do, but I knew that I wanted to help others, so I entered USC Fall 2021 as a pre-med student . I quickly discovered that was not the life for me; my passions for others remained, but the pathway HAD to change. Five semesters and two major changes later, and now I am a happy  Computer Science and Business Administration student!

Computer Science and Business Administration(CSBA) is a multi-disciplinary major that combines technical acuity of a computer science degree with the foundational knowledge of a business administration to provide a well rounded education in both areas.

At its core, CSBA, like all engineering, is problem-solving, but with computers. We learn to harness the power of computers to solve issues that are anatomically impossible to solve by the human brain. We also learn, from an alternative perspective, how external business factors shape the solutions that we create.    

Computer Science and Business Administration > Computer Science ? 

Let’s just say, I have had a fair share of Viterbi experiences. That being said, CSBA has been the most fitting major for me. I enjoy the multi-disciplinary approach and learning both the business and technical aspects of companies. I am the type of person that has varied interests, so instead of hyper specializing in one skill, I enjoy learning a toolbox of skills that can take me anywhere.


Overall CSBA culture is very welcoming but can be slightly daunting sometimes.! Since we share classes throughout the campus I often walk to/from class with my CSBA friends. I also enjoy meeting students beyond the engineering school. However, CS is the largest department in Viterbi so sometimes it can be difficult to navigate a social circle considering the size of the class. 


Nowadays, there is a phrase in the industry that states “every company is a tech company” meaning that every company has some sort of technical needs. All companies must manage user data, create in-app and web app experiences for their clients, and continue to explore new ways of innovating with human centered design, hence, the need for tech roles in all companies, regardless of the industry, and variety of jobs. 

Software Engineering is a popular role that CSBA students pursue following graduation however here are two other lesser known roles:

  • Technical Program Management/Product Management
    • Design Products/Functionalities
    • Communicate Between the Business and Software Engineering Teams
  • Consulting 
    • Rotational Problem-Solving

Jobs at MAANG(Meta, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google) can be quite competitive but after that, there are many tech opportunities. 

What is Next?

I still want to help the world and have had amazing opportunities to do so. Last year I worked at a nonprofit start-up, Frontida Records where I supported our international clients from low-resource communities with electronic health record keeping. This summer I will be returning to Microsoft to increase efficiency in the cloud.

While I am grateful for all of these experiences, I have definitely learned that the world is quite large. I may not be able to change the entirety of it, however, I do hope to change my corner of the world, one byte at a time. 


PS: Picking your major may feel like the most stressful period of your life. However a wise man once told me: “Instead of trying to control the big picture, just focus on the next step.” Meaning, just pick, throw the dart, and if it doesn’t stick to the board then trust in yourself that you will adjust as needed 🙂

Taylor Hill-Miles

MAJOR: Computer Science Business Administration YEAR: Class of 2025 HOMETOWN: Gainesville, Florida PRONOUNS: she/her/hers INSTA: @ taylorhillmiles LinkedIn: Click Here Currently, I am Vice President of the National Society for Black Engineers and I am passionate about promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in the field of engineering. In my free time I like to explore LA and try new foods!