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I am originally from New Jersey, so best believe that I have gotten my fair share of “Why did you come all the way across the country for school?” Having almost graduated, I can reflect back and state that I have loved my nearly complete 4 years here at USC, and know that this decision was the right one for me. From the day I was admitted, all the way up until now, there has been very little doubt over this, and I’d like to explain why.

Program Choice

I have long been interested in engineering, starting at a young age as I participated in STEM programs and summer camps. As I got through middle school, I had the chance to take a Computer Science course, and it became one of the strongest  examples of me having fun while I was learning. Thus, my sights were set on a job in the field. However, through high school I ha d to take some business courses, and I quickly realized that I also had strong interests on this side of things. I particularly went deep down the Accounting track, and knew that if I wanted to be a successful (tech) entrepreneur I would not only benefit from knowledge on the business side, I would need it. So, I started my college search hoping that I could find a university where I could study both of these fields: Computer Science and Business. Now, almost every university offers both, but at very few would it be feasible – especially within 4 years. USC offered the perfect opportunity for what I was looking for. World class professors and courses in the schools offering both halves of the degree, and I couldn’t help but fall in love more as I looked deeper into the university.


Doing college tours I often heard students share the story that they stepped on to campus and felt at home, that it was the place for them or a combination of the two. Hearing this, and not feeling it at any of the places I toured, it began to quickly feel like a lie or a myth. When I came to USC however, for the first time in my sophomore year of high school, I understood what all these people were talking about. I remember the sun hitting my face, and pleasant atmosphere and for the most part, smiles all around me. People seemed happy to be on campus, happy to be with each other, and happy to show me around. A distinct moment came when my mom and I were obviously standing clueless looking for a parking structure, and a student came up to us offering to help us out. She gave us the answer, and then took a couple more minutes to tell me about herself, where she was headed and what she had been up to. I quickly got a sense of what a Trojan was; someone who would take time out of their busy day to help one another, and humbly – yet effectively – share the gospels of USC and what makes it so great. Having been here a few years now, I can happily say that I have had my own interactions on the other side now as well.


I am from New Jersey. Close to New York, Philadelphia and DC (sort of). I love my home state, but I realize that it doesn’t have much on it’s own. Living in the suburbs of South Jersey, I would typically have to travel a bit for big events, and/or take a bit of thinking to figure out fun things to do with family and friends on the weekends. I knew before enrolling that USC would be the COMPLETE opposite. 

Situated in the heart of Los Angeles, in the heart of Southern California, in the heart of the West Coast, not only does our campus have endless things to offer, but the surrounding community does as well.  From incredible food options, to beautiful nature and scenery, to an expansive 

recreational and nightlife scene, anything you could be looking to enjoy, is right around the corner. This prospect greatly excited me, and still does, as I wrap my time in Los Angeles. I will always remember the excitement I felt when I found out that the once-in-a-lifetime performance that was Drake & Kanye’s concert would be happening a block away at the Coliseum, where we play our football games. Perfect for me, a huge fan of them both, but also very indicative of the point I am trying to make. When big events occur, they happen in LA. When tours of any kind occur, they pass through LA. And that is just the big things. Every weekend there are recurring pop-ups, new activities passing through, and a combination thereof. Short story, you will never be bored (if you please) in Los Angeles.

I could not be happier with my decision to be here at USC, and to study CSBA. Having decided to complete my PDP, I can even say that I’ve loved it so much, I’m staying an extra semester. 🙂

Jevon Torres

MAJOR: Computer Science/Business Administration YEAR: Class of 2024 HOMETOWN: Mount Laurel, New Jersey PRONOUNS: he/him/his INSTA: @jevtor On campus I am involved with our National Society of Black Engineers chapter, Black Student Assembly, Business Technology Group and Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated. Outside of class, I love photography, music production and talking about movies!