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When I stepped onto campus for the first time for Explore USC, I came in awe. In the midst of the city stood towering red buildings of brick, iconic of USC architecture. Soon, I had the chance to meet a Viterbi Student Ambassador (VSA), a real engineering student. I appreciated how authentically she and other VSA’s communicated and shared their experiences with me. Through their stories and engagement, I saw that the engineering students loved what they were pursuing, formed a tight knit community, and were genuinely supportive of one another. 

Now, as a student here for the past two years, I can attest to the fact that the observations and experiences I made as a prospective student, are true to my experiences as a current student and have exceeded what I envisioned.

Firstly, the engineering students here form a community, key to the well-known phrase “Trojan Family.” It is so easy to meet and connect with others: I met my first friends through my Calculus III course, where we would trudge to our weekly 8am discussions, study in lounges, and walk together from class to class. By virtue of the classes we were taking and the dorms we lived in, it was easy to meet new people and build friendships.

I also chose Viterbi for its smaller engineering community within the larger USC campus. Viterbi maintains smaller class sizes even with a large student population. This blend combines the benefits of focused attention and the opportunity to build strong relationships between peers and professors, with the dynamic nature of a large university. I love the energy in the crowds as we cheer on our incredible sports teams, and meeting students pursuing majors beyond engineering.

In terms of career opportunities, major companies visit and connect with Viterbi students nearly every week, looking to share information about their company and recruit USC students. There are also resources here to pursue what you are interested in and passionate about. If you want to develop a start-up, our Office of Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship has funding and even programs that combine engineering and business expertise to support building your start-up. If you’re interested in research, you can connect with professors and even participate in opportunities like the Center for Undergraduate Research in Viterbi Engineering (CURVE) Fellowship where undergraduates are paired with principal investigators who are actively looking for and want undergrads in their lab.

If asked, I couldn’t single out just one word to describe the students here. Each individual brings a unique blend of talent, diverse skills, and inspiring passion–together, we form a vibrant and impactful community.

Ashly Lam

MAJOR: Electrical and Computer Engineering YEAR: Class of 2026 HOMETOWN: La Canada, California PRONOUNS: she/her/hers On campus, I am involved with Women in Computing and Illumin Magazine. I also conduct research in the Laboratory for Design of Medical and Analytical Devices. Outside of Viterbi, I am a member of the Society of Women Engineers' WE Local Advisory Board.