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Hello everyone!

Today, I am going to answer one of the most important questions about my education: Why USC?


When I applied for USC, I considered the following topics: academics, research in Viterbi (ENE), professor backgrounds, club organizations, diversity, location.


To start off, I want to emphasize that the academics at USC was my most determining and important factor. As an environmental engineering major, I need a collaborative environment that focuses on learning through both traditional learning styles and application in a modern sense. USC’s classes in the CE and ENE departments outlined this in the way that I am taking coding classes to analyze environmental data and also learning the socio-economic outcomes of those data as well.

As a supplement to my in-class instruction, I really wanted to be around professors who valued research and the importance of continually growing knowledge in a field. This was especially important to me in the air and energy sectors of environmental engineering. I spent time studying some of the research done by professors in the ENE department, and I really valued their work. While I was applying, I wanted to someday be a part of that work. This was another determining factor for me.

Outside of the classroom environment, throughout high school, I was constantly involved in the engineering clubs offered. I was president of my robotics program for three years, and I was involved in robotics as a team captain for nine years in total. I developed two all-girls teams, and I want to continue to lower the marginal disproportion of women in engineering. With this as an important value in my educational experience as a whole, I spent time searching through USC’s club organizations too. I found out about USC’s design teams, and when I came into Viterbi, I joined the composites sub team for the FSAE Combustion team. I also joined the Society of Women Engineers, which emphasizes the same collaboration that my all-girls robotics teams did.


Another important aspect to me about my education is diversity in my classroom space and campus, and I am very happy to say I feel there is both economic and cultural diversity at USC!


On a lighter note, how could I have turned down the location of the school? We are in Los Angeles, California, and as someone from a suburban town in Virginia, this is a beautiful place to be weather wise! It is sunny, and my outfits can always be a summer vibe! On the occasional rainy days, it feels so nice to stay indoors and be cozy.


The campus is beautiful! Check out some of my favorite pictures below. Thank you for the read! : -)

Sejal Sharma

MAJOR: Environmental Engineering YEAR: Class of 2026 HOMETOWN: Manassas, Virginia PRONOUNS: she/her/hers INSTA: @sejal.sharmaaa I am currently involved in the Society of Women Engineers (SWE), which focuses on female empowerment and leadership/learning opportunities for women in STEM. Additionally, I am on the Composites sub-team for USC's FSAE racing team.