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Featured Podcast: SHPE

Meet Daisy and Christian from the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers.


Featured Podcast

Dr. Ershaghi discusses Petroleum Engineering and the future of the energy industry.


Featured Podcast

The student-run Society Of Women Engineers


ATTN: Juniors, Visit Campus the Right Way

We want to see you do more than just a campus tour on your visit


Solving Problems For Society

Take your Math and Science from high school to the next level.


The Podcast is Back!

Season 2 of Viterbi Voices is loud and clear




SHPE: The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers

SHPE loves Korean BBQ (and other stuff too)

Design for America

Work with Non-Engineers on the Design Process

USC Solar Car Team

Using the Sun for a Race across Australia!

Engineers Without Borders

Taking engineering to the world's problems

Petroleum Engineering with Dr. Iraj Ershaghi

Energy and the Future of Alternative Sources

Code the Change & Using Tech for Social Impact

Can your code make a difference?

Product Design & Development at LavaLab

Make your ideas come to life

Society of Women Engineers

Breaking the Stereotype


Don’t study just engineering…. add in the arts, business, social sciences, liberal arts. You name it.

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