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Featured Podcast: Dean Yortsos

From his Greek history to his future-facing vision of the school.


Featured Podcast: Dr. Armani

Listen to Dr. Armani discuss her her incredible interdisciplinary lab relating chemical engineering, bioscience, and computer science.


Featured Podcast

The student-run Society Of Women Engineers


Solving Problems For Society

Take your Math and Science from high school to the next level.


Visit Campus the Best Way

We want to see you do more than just a campus tour on your visit


Did you know that 44% of our 2017 incoming class were women?

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The deadline to submit first-year applications is
January 15, 2018

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Come for an Engineering Visit to USC this Summer

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Hey, all you rising HS seniors: The academic year is almost up, summer is almost here, and more than likely a good number of you may be planning to visit…

Admitted to another major at USC, but want to study at Viterbi?

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Congratulations on your admission to USC! We have been getting a number of questions about adding a second degree in engineering, or switching entirely.  If you are interested in studying…

#IDidntGetIntoUSC – Bad News Can Have A Silver Lining

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So, it's been about a week since everyone received their USC admission decisions.  We know that for many of you, it's been a rough week.  You didn't get the news…

Let’s Talk About Today’s Admission Decisions

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Today is the Day! For many of you, this journey of applying to USC and the Viterbi School of Engineering has been going on for years.  We see students as…

When Will USC Viterbi Admission Decisions Be Released for Fall 2018?!?

| FAQ (Freshman), Incoming Class of 2018 | One Comment
Decisions will be dropped in the mail on Thursday, March 22, 2018. Read on: This time of year is incredibly challenging/frustrating/stressful/emotional... you name it.  I get how all of you…

How to Visit Campus the Right Way

| Announcements, Freshman Applicants | No Comments
It is the spring semester, and that means it's time to start looking at universities!  Although it may sound far away, fall 2019 and your first semester in college is…

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