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Transfer Application Checklist

By December 20, 2011January 19th, 201436 Comments

The holiday break is a great time to start working on your transfer application to USC.  Of course, as you work on your application you may end up with some questions.  Just because USC will be closed for holiday break (from December 27 to January 2, 2012) doesn’t mean you can’t get some of your questions answered.  Below is an application checklist that will help you get your application DONE!

Application Checklist
  1. Apply online using the Common Application and the USC Supplemental Application (
  2. Submit these items¹:
  • Official high school transcript.
  • Official college transcript(s) from all colleges attended since high school.

Make sure your college transcript includes your fall 2011 grades (and winter grades, if applicable).

You should mail your  transcript(s) to:

USC Office of Admission
University Park Campus
Los Angeles, CA
  • Financial statement (for international students only).
  • TOEFL (for international students only)2

Still have more questions?  Check out my  application FAQ list.

Our office is open this week so feel free to give us a call with your questions.

1 What about submitting “School Forms” listed in the Common App? Check out this post.
 2 All international transfer applicants whose native language is not English must take the TOEFL.  The TOEFL must have been taken within the past two years from application date.


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  • QIMING says:


    I have to send my high school transcript from China for transferring, but I did not receive any email from USC giving me an application number. also my toefl expired, and ETS is unable to send it, I have a original verision of it, could I just copy and mail the copies to you?

    Qiming Zhong

  • Hello Qiming Zhong,

    To get your USC ID you may call 213-740-1111 or send an email to: – your email should include your first & last name and date of birth so that we can look your USC ID up.

    All international undergraduate applicants (freshmen and transfer) whose native language is not English must take the TOEFL. The TOEFL must have been taken within the past two years from application date. Since your TOEFL has expired you need to retake the TOEFL and submit your score to USC once it becomes available. You can submit your TOEFL and high school transcripts to USC after the transfer application deadline. However, your application is not considered complete until we have received all required documents. Check out the transfer application checklist ( for documents you need to submit to complete your application.


  • QIMING says:


    thank you for helping me. Is there anyway to waver the TOEFL requirement, like other ways to show my English proficiency? I did live in the US for over 5 years — three and a half years in grade and middle school and one and a half year in Univeristy. I also get good grades in my University’s English courses.

    Qiming Zhong

  • QIMING says:

    Hi, I also want to ask that if I am required to retake TOEFL, then could I turn the scores in later than deadline?

  • Yes, you must submit a TOEFL score.

  • In order to meet the transfer application deadline you need to submit the Common Application & USC Supplement by February 1. Supporting documents, such as official transcripts or TOEFL, can be submitted after February 1. Be aware, however, that your application is considered incomplete until we receive all requested application materials.

    Good luck!


  • Jessica says:

    Hi Christine. I’m not applying for the engineering program but I figured same rules apply? I am applying as a international transfer from a CC and I was wondering if I can submit the TOEFL results before I send in the entire packet? I’ll be mailing in the financial statement and all before the deadline but I was wondering if I can also do it in advance. Thanks!

  • Michael Maylahn says:

    I currently am attending SMC and applying for fall transfer to USC. I am a mechanical engineering major and have completed all of my lower division classes. The last class that I needed was multivariable calculus, which I am currently taking during winter semester. The grades for winter are due by February 16th. Is it too late to submit an official transcript with that? Is there advantages and/or disadvantages to waiting? I saw you mentioned that my application won’t be seen until it is submitted.
    Thank you,

  • Hi Jessica,

    That should be fine – but I don’t want to speak on behalf of other departments/majors. If you’re not applying to engineering you should check with the USC Office of Admission for guidance ( I’d hate to steer you wrong!


  • Hi Michael,

    In order to meet the transfer application deadline (February 1) you just need to submit The Common Application & USC Supplement by February 1st. Supporting documents – such as official transcripts – may be submitted after February 1. That said you application will not be complete (we can still see it – but we can’t review it) until USC receives all required documents (listed off in the checklist) so be sure to get your transcripts to us as soon as possible (and in your case, that sounds like after February 16). This wouldn’t be “late” – We factor in the time it will take for you/applicants to get USC your fall/winter grades.


  • Jorge says:

    Hello, for transfer students are the school report forms and school profile mandatory? Or will it be sufficient with the official transcript?

  • Eric says:

    Hi! I’m a transfer student and I’m applying for Fall 2012. I want to transfer into the Marshall Business School and I’m sort of stressing out over the application. I have a few questions:

    So there’s a section on the supplement part of the common app for USC that says “Academic History (First-Year Applicants Only).” Do I have to fill this out? I’ve been in community college for about 3 years now (this is my last semester so it’s been 6 semesters). Do first year applicants refer to high school graduates or first time transfer applicants?

    Also, do I have to submit any of the school forms? It says it’s offline on the common app.

    How do I submit recommendation letters on the common app site and which section do I submit it in?

    After I submit my common app and my supplement app along with my payments, what else do I need to submit? I know I have to submit my college transcripts but when are the due dates and if a link is provided for a list of additional items to submit after completing the common app and supplements, that would be awesome!

  • This blog is only meant for applicants intending to transfer to the Viterbi School of Engineering. We wouldn’t want to steer you in the wrong direction so please visit the USC Admission Website ( or contact the USC Office of Admission at 213-740-1111 with questions.

    Try not to stress out!

  • Transfer applicants to not need to submit school forms. Check out our blog post about this:

  • Simrin says:

    Hi ,

    I am a transfer applicant for fall 2012.I am currently studying at the University of Edinburgh .Do I stilll need to appear for a TOEFEL?

  • Hi Simrin,

    All international transfer applicants whose native language is not English must take the TOEFL. If your native language is not English then you still need to submit a TOEFL (even if you’re currently studying at an institution that instructs in English). The TOEFL must have been taken within the past two years from application date.

    If you haven’t take the TOEFL, just sign up for a sitting ASAP. You can submit your TOEFL score after the February 1 deadline. Remember, there is no minimum score required for admission to USC.

  • alex yang says:

    when you say we need to do the common app, does it include the school forms? such as the college official’s report, instructor evaluation, school report, and midterm report?

  • Alex, check out our post about school forms

  • Gisell says:

    I was wondering if as a transfer student we need to submit our official transcripts by Feb 1st or mail them after Feb 1st? Also, my high school is not very reliable as far as mailing transcripts, so If I mail them together with my college transcript will that question their validity? Does the “if it’s out of the envelope, it’s not longer official” rule apply?

  • Great question, Gisell. To meet the application deadline you just need to submit the Common Application and USC Supplement by February 1. Supporting documents, like official transcripts, can be submitted after the deadline.

    If you open your transcript it is no longer considered official. So be sure to have your school send us your transcript directly OR if you pick the transcript up in person be sure not to tamper with the envelope.

    Finally, your comment inspired me to summarize the FAQs of transfer admission. Check out my latest post .

  • Sunny says:

    Hi Christine,

    I am applying as Chemical Engineering for Fall 2012. I am currently studying in a California community college (CCC), and before that, I have studied 2 years of high school in US before I came from China. I am not applying as international student but rather California resident. Do I still need to send the my high school official transcript to USC? How about AP score?

  • Hilary V. Bennett says:

    Hi Christine,

    I have a couple of questions regarding the Financial Statement form.

    Could I submit the Financial Statement after Feb. 1, and separated from the other supporting documents, i.e. not in the same package I send to USC? Also, do I need to submit a letter from my parent’s bank to support the financial support form? Could my parent type in all of the required information, and sign the form only by typing their name and then e-mail it straight to USC or via myself?

    Thank you,

    Hilary V. Bennett

  • Hilary V. Bennett says:

    Hi Christine,

    Sorry, I also forgot to ask whether I could send in a copy of the Bank Statement from my parent’s bank as a substitute for the Financial Statement form or not?

    Thank you,
    Hilary V. Bennett

  • Supporting documents – such as the financial statement (international students only) can be submitted after February 1. Be sure to check out our post about your FAQs.

  • Yes, you need to submit high school transcripts.

  • Hilary – international applicants need to submit the financial statement of personal/family support. Submission instructions are listed on the form.

  • Ryan says:

    Hello! Finally, I submitted my whole application but found out that crucial amount of my essay was cut off on the print-view version.

    Is there anyway I can do?
    Will you accept my original essay?

    Thank You!


  • Hello Ryan,

    You can email your a copy of your (full) essay to and USC will then add it to your application file.


  • Ryan says:

    One more question:
    Is it OK to fax an essay to the office?
    Will I be able to confirm if USC received the new essay in my USC connect later?

    We always appreciate your kind answer!

    Thank you again!

  • Zach says:


    I submitted the common application by Feb.1st but I just saw that my supplement form was never sent…Is this an issue? I just hit submit, so it is in now.


    On USConnect it says to submit transcripts online or fax, I already mailed them is that ok? It also says to submit a suplment PDF????


  • Hello Zach – We want you to mail (or hand deliver) your official transcripts – so you did it right!

  • sean says:

    hi i was planning on going to cal poly SLO as a bioresource agricultural engineer for fall 2012 would i be able to transfer into usc as a mechanical or civil engineer for fall 2013?

  • Hello Sean,

    You certainly could apply to transfer to Viterbi. Check out our course recommendations for transfer students here: . If you study engineering at another school you’ll likely take the key recommended courses (math and science).


  • Sean says:

    Hello Christine,

    Would I be able to transfer from slo to USC, even though USC does not have my specific type of engineering? Also do you know who I should call to meet with an academic advisor and set up like a meeting if possible.