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You’ve waited until June to finally hear back from USC. Now that you’re in (congratulations!) you may be having a difficult time deciding where to go next fall.    Recently some of our students posted why they chose USC.  They wrote about what other schools they were considering, what thoughts were going through their heads, and ultimately how they decided upon USC. Our Director of Admission, Paul Ledesma, pulled together some of his favorite lines  from their posts:

 USC became the school where I knew I could get a great education while having a wonderful undergraduate experience—a combination unparalleled and something I’ve come to love and value.  I’ve met amazing friends, peers and students through my classes, student organizations, research, sororityGreek Lifedorm, and many more through different ways I never could have imagined.
Claire “Why I Chose USC”, BME, Class of 2012

…upon being accepted to USC, I started to look into joining the band and I was extremely excited about what I found out about the band.  Being able to go on trips all around the country to different football games and getting to be on gigs where I would perform around L.A. sounded amazing to me.
Greg: “Why I Chose USC,” CHE, Class of 2014

I applied to 11 schools all over the country, and researched and visited a LOT more. I was looking to go relatively far from home, just for the adventure of it!
Steve: “Why I Chose USC,” BME, Class of 2013

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Best of luck making your decision!


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