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We understand that paying for college can be an intimidating process – and we want to help you understand this process as best as possible.  We often hear at this stage in the process that many families have not even applied for aid, or haven’t completed the process…. and neither are good!

If you are not sure what to do – your first best step may be to check out this webinar on USC Financial Aid.  The webinar is only about 15 minutes, and it covers a ton of information including the USC Financial Aid philosophy, types of financial aid, determining your financial aid eligibility, and how to apply.

Applying for Financial Aid

If you haven’t applied for Financial Aid (FAFSA, CSS PROFILE, Tax Information, etc) – go to our Financial Aid website for the steps you need to complete, and need to complete soon!

Completing the Process (Getting Missing Info In)

If you believe you have completed the process – login to and check your status.  If the Financial Aid Office has all of your information it is likely that your package has already been completed.  If not, you can upload any missing information…. right there, online.

If USC is missing any information for you, I highly recommend uploading all information electronically via USConnect.  Any documents mailed to the Financial Aid office may incur many days of processing before acted upon.  Uploading via USConnect gets your documents directly into your file.

If you need help uploading information electronically via USConnect click here for a step by step tutorial.


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