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The admission decisions are all out, and unfortunately over 80% of the applicants received some bad news.  While we understand this is a difficult time for many students, you should know this is challenging for us as well.  No one in our office gets any joy from this part…. but we also understand that doesn’t make you feel any better.

This year, the university experienced another increase in applications for the Fall 2014 academic term.  With over 10,000 applications, our decision to grant admission was made even more difficult.  Although, most students did not receive the decision they expected, we would like to remind you that admission to USC is still possible.  A good number of our current students at USC did not gain admission when they first applied, but rather transferred to USC.  In fact, approximately 20% of our incoming class each year is comprised of transfer students.

Most students have the idea that transferring to USC is a tedious process, but it is more simple than you think!


McCarthy QuadVisit the Viterbi Transfer Admission page to become familiarized with the process and get that much closer to becoming a student at USC.

Here is a glimpse of what is required to transfer to USC:

  • Check out our Transfer Planning Guides and/or Articulation Histories with other colleges around the country and determine where you will attend for the fall semester.
  • Enroll in Calculus, Lab Based Sciences, The USC Writing requirement equivalent, and a few GE equivalents.
  • Get good grades (A’s and B’s) throughout all of your classes.
  • Apply as a transfer student for Fall 2015 by February, 2015.
  • Your application will be evaluated on the coursework you have taken at the college you attend, and not on your previous high school coursework.

We want to provide you as much support as we can to fulfill your academic objectives.

Starting in June, we are happy to help you finalize a transfer plan with course selections at another institution.  Feel free to contact our office at that time. Any of us will be happy to answer any questions and help you develop a personal plan to transfer to USC.

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