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We know this is a tough time for admitted students as they weigh their plethora of college options. So, Why USC?

USC vs. UC Berkeley?  USC vs. UIUC?  USC vs. Stanford?  USC vs. UCLA?  USC vs. MIT? USC vs. Cornell?  USC vs. Carnegie Mellon? USC vs. CalTech?

The list of schools you all have been admitted to is, quite literally, a “who’s-who” of top engineering programs.  The simple fact of the matter is that you can’t make a wrong choice.  These are all great schools…. great engineering programs…. great possibilities for success!

We could tell you over and over again, and we probably will at some of our Admitted Student Programs On Campus and Off Campus, why USC is a great institution to conduct your undergraduate studies at. But why take it from us? Listen to some of our students and faculty members below.

microscope23 (1)Why Our Faculty Chose USC?

business60Our Alumni Reflect on their USC Experience

During our recent Alumni Livechat some of our alumni talk about why they chose USC and also go on to describe the benefits they have received by making that choice.

books8 (1)Our Current Students answer Why USC?

If you haven’t seen yet, current Viterbi students have created an Admitted Student page to answer all of your question. It is filled with amazing content. Also be sure to check out some of their blogs on Why USC over at Viterbi Voices.

We know this decision is difficult so please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions at 213-740-4530 or

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