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Full disclosureeveryone’s senior year course plan is different, but mine goes like this: three classes, three days a week! In contrast to being a full-time student for most of college, this spring has felt relaxed as a result of my part-time student status. It has been a welcomed break to soak up the Southern California sunshine and savor my time left at USC. 

One course I am taking is called Chemical Process and Plant Design. It is a senior design course that all USC chemical engineering students take before graduation. This year, we are designing a post-combustion carbon capture plant with a methanol production unit. Carbon capture is a topic that motivated me to study chemical engineering way back in high school, so I was beyond excited to hear this as our project topic. 

Another course I’m enrolled in is Chemical Engineering Lab. There are three parts to this lab that span three different semesters, so this is my last lab course ever. This semester, a lot of our labs cover concepts from classes like Heat and Mass Transfer or Chemical Reaction Engineering. 

The last class I’m taking is a general education course called Jewish and Black People: Conflicts and Alliances. This is a course I never expected to take on a topic I knew little to nothing about. It is a part of the Social Analysis GE requirement, so the course involves studying the social impacts of this field based on historical and modern events. I definitely recommend this course for anyone looking to fulfill their social analysis requirement. 

Also, Mondays and Fridays I have no classes! I have been spending my additional free time snowboarding at Bear Mountain or catching up on last week’s coursework. I feel incredibly lucky for this change of pace and the enriching classes I am enrolled in for my final semester. As always, fight on 🙂

Miranda Jernberg