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Since it is my last semester at USC :(, I wanted to give you a glimpse at what my schedule is like! While I have had many hiccups along the way (including switching my major from Math + Chemistry to Biomedical Engineering), I am very happy to be on track to graduate in just 4 years with some space for fun classes as well!

(ps I hope you enjoy this ridiculous photo of typical Saturday night studying in the tent).

Emily’s Schedule

  1. BME 302: Medical Electronics
    1. While this class is a requirement for graduation, so far I have found it to be very interesting, applicable, and challenging. We are learning all about different electrical engineering techniques and will even be designing our own EKG! One of my favorite professors, Dr. Maarek, teaches it along with some amazing TAs. Dr. Maarek has always been really supportive and helpful for me along my journey this year, so I’m happy to finish off my semester with another of his classes!
  2. BME 415: Medical Device Regulation
    1. This class is also a requirement for graduation, but this class is also a favorite of mine (and many of my other BME friends). For this class, we learn all about the FDA approval process and dive into what makes engineering companies successful. From older friends, I’ve heard this class has seriously helped them in interviews!
  3. BME 499: Senior Design Extension
    1. For BME seniors, we all are required to do a capstone project for 1-2 semesters. I am really happy to be continuing my capstone from last semester with my all star team in hopes of improving our device even more! I am very excited about my project because we get to work alongside a pediatric neurosurgeon at UCLA to design a device to detect epilepsy in the brain during surgical resections. This class is super hands on which is a fun change of pace in my day.
  4. ENGL 299: Introduction to the Genre of Poetry
    1. For my last general education class, I decided to take a poetry class even though I knew nothing about it! So far I have really enjoyed reading the poems, and my professor, Dr. Freeman, has been amazing and engaging. Every class we dive into particularly special poems and analyze them together. This socratic method is really fun and a great way to hear my classmates’ viewpoints.
  5. MEDS 465: Wilderness and Survival Medicine
    1. I decided to take this class in order to learn more about practicing medicine in outdoor settings. My professor is a pediatric cardiac anesthesiology with a passion for all things outdoors. I have really loved getting to know him and my other classmates in this super fun class. For “lecture”, we meet outside to do hands on emergency scenarios, listen to impressive guest speakers, and help work on our medical school applications. I 100% recommend this class to anyone with a passion for the outdoors!!
  6. NAUT 301a: Seamanship and Navigation
    1. For my last class, I decided to take something just for fun – sailing. This class is very well known at USC because for your final you have to complete an overnight sailing voyage. So far, the class has been super informative, and I cannot wait to apply what I’ve learned in the classroom to my sailing adventure!
Timothy Harrington