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It’s a bad day. Maybe your midterm grade is a little lower than expected. Maybe your programming assignment didn’t click after hours of work. Maybe Target just closed seconds before you arrived at the USC Village. 

It’s okay. We’ve all experienced it before. Even me.

I’ve discovered that it’s oftentimes the smallest, most inconsequential things at USC that manage to cheer me up on a bad day. So here’s a list of some random services, items, and pieces of advice that can maybe cheer you up when you face that inevitable bad day!

Unlimited Storage

If you didn’t know, the google drive accounts provided to us by USC have unlimited storage. Yeah, UNLIMITED! I upload almost all of my photos to my drive (as a backup), and sort through / organize pictures when I don’t feel so great. It’s a great way to destress and remember the moments that put a smile on my face. 


Sometimes, you don’t want to think about school or homework. That’s okay. Through USC, we also have access to free HBO Max (a streaming platform). We can always catch the latest movie or an ‘oldie but goodie’ by ourselves or with friends. I have personally binged through a few seasons of Nancy Drew this semester already!

Food… and a LOT of it!

Churros from a USC dining hall!

Churros from a USC dining hall!

At USC, we have three dining halls. The food there is great! In my opinion though, the cafes are even better. We have the ability to order food online and receive an ETA on when food will be ready. I can perfectly coincide my food pickup with when classes finish * cough cough panda express *. Most cafes offer specialized meals and are located all through campus – I never have to walk too far. When I have extra meal swipes, I sometimes just swing by Fertitta Cafe to pick up some mochi or a snack bag for some food options to munch on as I study. Food always makes me feel better 🙂

Random Career Events!

I never know what to expect when I walk onto the Engineering Quad (E-Quad for short). Recently, it hosted a career and internship tabled event and I spun a wheel to win some Google merchandise! (and come on, who doesn’t like free merch??)

Bad days are ubiquitous. We’re all going to get one at some point during our semester. The next time you do though, remember that you can just take a step back and enjoy all that USC offers past the education: delicious food, premier entertainment, useful software, and free merchandise (I know the last one is a bit cheesy). You can even take a stroll, enjoying the colorful flowers that line our walkways. Our college experience is more than just studying and grades, make sure to take the time to enjoy the small things here at USC too!

Flowers at USC!

Flowers at USC!

Silas John