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Congratulations on being admitted to USC Viterbi! Here’s everything you need to know…

Next Steps  for Fall Admits

Make sure to visit the admitted student page: This is packed with all the information you need to go over if you are considering USC and the USC Viterbi School of Engineering. This also contains information about certain events that will help you learn more about USC Viterbi: Campus Visit Programs, Faculty-Led Demo Classes, Receptions Near You, Virtual Events, and live events with current students.

To get started, click on the button below:

See Your Next Steps

Next Steps for Spring Admits

You were selected from the most competitive applicant pool we have ever had to join us for Spring 2024. We certainly hope you will consider enrolling. Your preference may have been to be admitted as a fall admit, but please know this opportunity is offered to a very small group of select students. Rather than wait-list you, we offer you admission to star at USC in January. Most spring admits will graduate with their peers who started in the fall!

Visit the admitted student page: Just like the fall admits… we want you to attend our April events (on campus, near you, or virtual) so you can learn more about USC and USC Viterbi School of Engineering.

See Your Next Steps

Familiarize yourself with important dates. There are a few important dates you should be aware of as a spring admit like the deadline. Those dates can be found on our Spring Admits page.

Create your fall plans. If you need any help creating these plans, contact us in mid-May.

You can also visit our webpage, dedicated solely to guiding you as a newly-admitted student!

If you’re a transfer applicant…

Hang tight–we didn’t forget about you. We know you’re anxious to hear back from us, but the transfer review process takes a little longer. Rest assured, you will be mailed an admission decision or a request for spring-term grades by May 31st.

Lisa Rosas

Lisa was born and raised in Southern California. Although she lived her entire life in some of the best weather, Lisa decided for a change of scenery for college and pursued her undergraduate degree at the University of Dubuque in Iowa. While there, she was a two-sport athlete. After experiencing beyond-freezing temperatures, she returned home with inspiration to work in higher education. She is currently pursuing a Master of Education degree with USC Rossier. In her free time you’ll find her snowboarding, playing soccer, or reading.